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AFD Safety Orientation

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Registration can be cancelled up to 2 weeks prior to class for a full refund. After that date your registration fee is non-refundable.

Unused registration fees will be transferred to our youth fund.

Course Description

This is the only AFD course that is actually not a class.

The Safety Orientation is designed for those that are familiar with their firearms. This is for people who can easily operate their firearms and would like to start training at AFD without taking the basic classes. 

This 1 hour orientation's objective is to familiarize you with range commands, terminology, safety, training structure. During this safety evaluation our goal is for you to know you are training in a safe, fun learning environment with no egos or pressure. We want AFD to be a place you feel comfortable training at with your family and friends as well. Come meet our instructors and let us introduce you to our community.

This class is one of the prerequisite options for all other classes at AFD. 

People attending the safety orientation should already know the following techniques. If you do not aleady know these skills, a 2 or 4 hour private class would be needed. The skills that you should already be familiar with to attend the safety orientation are:
1. Safe draw from the holster onto the target area
2. Safe Speed reload technique 
3. Administrative reload
4, Safety circle (Sul)
5. The 4 universal safety rules
6. The 6 fundamentals of marksmanship 

You will need a handgun, holster, and 50 rounds of ammunition to complete this course. 

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