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Training Handgun 5

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H-5 Course description

This course is 1/2 live fire on the range and 1/2 reality-based training using our UTM (Ultimate Training Munitions) This training is as real as it gets. All scenario based training equipment and simunition ammo is provided by AFD.

In this course we will cover:

  • Force on target in and around structures
  • Threat assessment
  • Force on role player threat assessment
  • Force on force Scenario based training
  • Mental conditioning
  • Safe and efficient threat engagement in public environments
  • Crossfire considerations
  • Cover and concealment
  • Room movement
  • 360 coverage 
  • Bounding overwatch 

* Hostage recovery



For handgun classes you will need:


* Gloves (With protection and dexterity- No fingerless)

Extra long sleeve shirt layer or jacket with colar

Thick pants

* Close toed shoes


* Knee Pads

* Elbow Pads

* Coveralls or extra leg coverings

Determined at checkout.