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Training Low Light Training

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Registration can be cancelled up to 2 weeks prior to class for a full refund. After that date your registration fee is non-refundable.

Unused registration fees will be transferred to our youth fund.

Course description:

Pistol low light level 1

This course teaches the fundamentals of operating a handgun in low light conditions. 50% of this training will be indoors. Topics covered will include:

  • Low light engagement statistics
  • The human eye’s ability to adapt to low light conditions.
  • Disadvantages and advantages of low light conditions
  • How to use advantages to leverage against our aggressor
  • How to minimize disadvantages (Do’s and Don’ts in low light conditions
  • Weapon mounted light Vs. handheld flashlight pros and cons
  • Handgun mounted light hold techniques.
  • Aligning your light source with your muzzle.
  • Live fire practical training

Pistol low light level 2

AFD’s low light level 2 covers intermediate tactics in low light conditions. There are specific challenges in low light conditions that can put us at a disadvantage. This course covers how to use those disadvantages to our advantage to leverage against our attacker. Topics covered include:

  • The “Splash and Move” technique.
  • The importance of keeping off the X.
  • Low light press checks, and making ready
  • Low Light reloads
  • Low light malfunctions
  • Low light cover tactics
  • Low light threat assessment practical training

Pistol low light level 3

(Advanced tactics) 

AFD’s advanced low light course is reality-based training. Our UTM (Ultimate Training Munition) systems will be used exclusively.  UTM training system is “as real as it gets”. Force on target, force on role player, and force on force will be a part if this course. Some of the topics covered in this course will be:

  • Low light threat assessment with living breathing targets
  • Low light movement
  • Low light room clearing
  • Gaining compliance from the aggressor
  • Creating a home protection plan
  • Getting ourselves and family to a position of advantage


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