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Training Red Dot - Handgun mounted optics class

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AFD’s Binden Aiming target acquisition course with instructor Tyler Stephens:

This class is developed by AFD from the Binden Aiming concept fundamentals. Through research and testing, we have expanded the Binden Aiming concept to optics. In this course you will learn how to develop an aiming concept using both your dominate and non-dominate eyes. You will learn how to maximize your efficiency with both eyes open and target focus, whether or not you are currently shooting with both eyes open. Learn how to get your brain to see 1 image of the target scene produced from both eyes without needing to search for your optic.

We will also work on the “Train Fast” method of training.  We will work on conditioning ourselves to get up on target with efficiency of motion, see the target scene immediately and eliminate the need to “over confirm” our sights.

Students registering for this class should have the 6 steps of marksmanship in place.  A safety orientation or Handgun 1 is required to attend. Safety orientations can be scheduled for Saturday at 10:30 am prior to class starting.

Equipment list:

handgun with Optic 

200 rounds of ammunition

Spare Mags
Elecrtronic hearing protection

Normal range gear

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