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Training Handgun 2

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Registration can be cancelled up to 2 weeks prior to class for a full refund. After that date your registration fee is non-refundable.

Unused registration fees will be transferred to our youth fund.

Level 2 is designed to take all students to the next level marksmanship. 

Handgun 1 or a Safety Orientation from AFD is required prior to attending this class. Select with Safety Orientation if you have not attended an AFD class. 

In this course we will cover:


*Handgun 2 (Finding your balance of accuracy and speed)

Course Outline:

• Identifying the 2 fundamentals that are required for an accurate shot placement

• Acceptable sight package

• Trigger control

• How to apply the remaining fundamentals to link accurate shots together

• Add speed to consecutive shots to match your skill level

• Judging the target size relative to the distance and applying the appropriate technique

• Speed reloads

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For handgun classes you will need::


* A handgun

* A holster that fits securely on your body and a belt.

* At least one extra magazine

* 200 rounds of ammo

* Hearing and eye protection

* Close toed shoes


Equipment Needed for Classes: Gun rentals are available upon request. Ammo, and range gear are available to rent or purchase at the AFD classroom. Please order prior to class day.


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