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Training Pistol/Rifle - UTM/Simunition scenario based use of force training

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Pistol/Rifle UTM/Simunition reality based use of force training:

In this training we will focus on threat assessment and the legal use of deadly force.

Other considerations will be:

  • Pre- assault indicators
  • Changing the aggressor’s behavior using the least amount of force necessary.
  • Being mentally prepared to use deadly force with 100% commitment and without hesitation.
  • De-escalating when the aggressor has changed his / her behavior.

We will use SIRT training pistols and UTM (Ultimate Training Munitions) for this entire training (No live fire) Students will need their AR rifles to convert to UTMs, a light jacket, heavy pants, and gloves. AFD will supply all other equipment needed.  

UTM training allows force on force training. What is normally a paper or stationary target on the range becomes a living, breathing person that can move, talk, and interact with you creating a rapidly evolving situation as it is in the real world. UTM scenario-based training is “as real as it gets”.

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