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Training Speed and accuracy advanced pistol course

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Registration can be cancelled up to 2 weeks prior to class for a full refund. After that date your registration fee is non-refundable.

Unused registration fees will be transferred to our youth fund.

Course description:

AFD’s Pistol performance class is designed for the Intermediate to advanced level pistol operator who would like to take their performance to the next level. Too often people only train at qualification speed. In this course, we will train at gun fighting speed which is more twice as fast as qualification speed.

In this course we look the time required for presenting your pistol, firing the first round and continuing to shoot with shot strigs. Then we look at what time we can reduce, and eliminate to compress the time required to win a gun fight. 

During this course we will focus on the “Train Fast” method of training using the binden aiming target focus technique and predictive shooting.

Students enrolling in this course should have good trigger control in place and be able to deliver good shot placement at slow to medium speed.

Some of the techniques covered in this course are:

Hand speed

The balance of speed and accuracy

Predictive shooting Vs. reactive shooting

Preparing the gun to fire again during recoil

Trigger speed

Grip / Recoil management

Reload speed techniques

Compressing time 

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